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Enjoy the Company at the Hartford21 Internet Lounge

The Hartford21 Internet Lounge is unique to the Hartford21 apartment complex located at 211 Trumbull Street, Hartford, the fourth tallest building in city and the 5th in the entire state of Connecticut. It is easy to book ahead in advance for the use of a module in the internet lounge. A brief call at the reception area will provide you immediate access to the lounge.


Equipped with top of the line computers attached to high-powered servers, the Hartford21 Internet Lounge provides residents and guests with the tools to gain access to global knowledge and high speed communications. The excellent equipment and fixtures inside the internet lounge are matched with the carefully planned interior space expressing a delightful atmosphere of creativity in every computer module.


Be the first to experience the enjoyable journey into the digital world through the Hartford21 Internet Lounge. A friendly staff is available to assist any customer or guest wanting to access the internet. If your apartment is located in one of the highest floors of the apartment complex, you may call the concierge of reception area and ask for direction. The fast elevator will bring you to any floor where the internet lounge is just a short walking distance away.


One can enjoy black leather-cushioned comfortable swivel chairs and granite counter tops as the widescreen high definition computers are set into motion. The Hartford21 Internet Lounge also allows the opportunity for users to meet other guests and interact with people.


With fast internet access, a cool and elegantly designed friendly environment, the learning and productivity of the customer or residents are greatly enhanced. The entire Hartford21 apartment complex in all the 36 floors is provided with WiFi. But if you feel that your gadget inside your apartment is not speedy enough to access your email or Facebook accounts, you can just drop by the Hartford21 Internet Lounge and zoom in to easy and faster access.

Should a guest-user decide to print out documents from the internet surfing, a swift call to the Business Center will allow the printing process to occur, and for a modest fee, one may proceed to the Hartford21 Business center which is a short walking distance from the internet lounge.


Businessmen will find the Hartford21 Internet Lounge a great tool in facilitating global, regional or local business based in the Connecticut area. With the Business Center as a supporting facility, all the necessary tools in conducting a successful business operation are on hand. It's like doing business while at home.


Entertain yourself by watching great movies at the Hartford21 Internet Lounge in high definition and with realistic live sounds with our top of the line ear plugs that can give you great privacy while watching. The lounge can also function as a private movie room.


Save a lot of time in searching for, coordinating with and talking to your business partners or clients through the Hartford21 Internet Lounge by using Skype and other applications available at the lounge. Nothing can be more satisfying than being able to do business successfully through the Hartford21 facility complex. You visit site here http://www.hartford21.com